Common Foot Problem Information

Common Foot Problem Information

Fungal infections are an irritating ailment that can cause many issues with skin and nails. The worst part is that these spread extremely easily and quickly if left untreated, as fungal spores often disperse and stick to neighboring areas. If you wear shoes without socks, this can normally cause spores to stick and spread over time, causing a stench to develop.

These infections often start out small and can manifest in a white or yellowish spot that appears on the toenail area. Once it grows large enough, it consumes the nails and crumbles them, leaving them looking unsightly. 

Foot fungus is not uncommon and can develop in anyone without the right care and hygiene. While it is difficult to fight, the proper use of fungal infection and foot treatment products can assist with fighting toenail fungus and foot fungus.

Why the Foot is the Place That Develops Fungus Quickest

Everyone wears shoes or some kind of footwear throughout the day. As the day progresses and you start walking more and wearing footwear for longer periods, it causes your feet to sweat. This is why you sometimes have stinky socks after wearing shoes out the whole day. This gets even worse when shoes are worn without socks.

If you think of how a shoe is, it is basically a warm, moist environment at the end of a day of use, which is where the fungus called dermatophyte develops and thrives. It is from this substance that you get nail fungus from!

To make matters even worse, dermatophyte can transfer between different people in an instant. When the fungus is contracted, it can spread very quickly because of the ecosystem inside a shoe that creates a perfect fungal growth environment. 

Nail fungus is particularly difficult to deal with because of the layered nature of toenails and fingernails. When dermatophyte makes its way into the layers, it can be difficult to get them out. Some of these can even make it into the roots of the nail, meaning that the growth of the nail will already be infected. 

The best way to treat a nail infection is to prevent it in the first place—or at least be aware of it to catch it early on.

How to Treat Toenail Fungus

Catching the fungal infection before it embeds itself into your nails’ roots is key to solving the issue of fungus spores. When the initial signs appear, such as an odd scent or marks on your toenails, it’s best to use topical antifungal treatments to remove them immediately.

Additionally, keeping toenails trimmed down properly and filed to avoid any bacteria and fungus from residing underneath them is important, as infections have less space to hold on to. Fungal infections can be almost impossible to treat once a section of the nail has succumbed to the spores, as this means the root of the nail has been infected. Some instances of nail fungus have even required the removal of the nail if it separates from the nail bed, which is a painful treatment to undergo.

The goal is to deter any kind of bacteria or fungus from growing worse. This is why investing in products like Clearzal’s Complete BAC Antimicrobial Nail Solution with Foot Sanitizer is one of the best ways to stop fungal growth and start foot treatment ASAP. By killing 99.9% of early fungus, bacteria, and viruses, as well as being free from harsh chemicals and parabens, this makes for a mild solution that doesn’t bring any known side effects. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your feet, nail fungus is a small issue that can blow out of proportion and leave you without toenails. Be sure to monitor your toenails for any fungal growth constantly, always try to get a pedicure and foot treatment session, and disinfect shoes and wear dry socks as much as possible. If you find any infections, using products like ClearZal Antimicrobial Nail Solution will assist in the deterrence of bacterial growth that can cause these issues.

ClearZal is a purveyor of the most effective nail fungus and foot treatment products available on the market. For the best way to kill harmful bacteria and fungus as quickly as possible, invest in ClearZal’s antimicrobial formulas for the best results. 

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