Everything You Need to Know About Fungal Nail Infections

Everything You Need to Know About Fungal Nail Infections

It’s typical for adults to experience a wide range of illnesses and medical complications. This is because their body becomes more prone to contaminants in the environment, together with their less-than-optimal immune systems.

Body complications such as cracked and discolored toenails can be the beginnings of fungal infection. Although it may seem like a simple condition, it can lead to amputations if left untreated. It’s important to know how to identify its symptoms and how to treat them.

Identifying fungal infection’s sources

When your toes and feet are exposed to damp and warm areas, infections can spread and linger around them. These circumstances are likely if you have:

  • Gone to a swimming pool
  • Walked around locker rooms or moist areas
  • Worn sweaty sneakers or socks
  • Injured your toenails
  • Side effects of Rx Medications

Although you may not experience any symptoms at first, they may develop over time. Fungal infection presents itself through the discoloration of your toenail into green, white, or brown. Your toenail can also become thicker or thinner, causing it to be brittle, broken, or jagged. Sensing pain or foul odor from your toes can also be a sign of growing fungal contaminants.

Misdiagnosing fungal infection with other diseases

The symptoms of fungal nail infections are discoloration on your toenail, change in shape, a foul odor, or pain on your toe. Unfortunately, many people can confuse fungal nail infections with other diseases due to these symptoms.

Ingrown toenails inflict pain to your toe as it grows inward to your skin. On the other hand, infections from bacteria can also hurt your toe and cause swelling around your nail. It’s best to contact your physician if you’re not sure about your condition to receive the right treatment.

A podiatrist, or foot doctor, is the best person to diagnose your condition. Since fungal nail infection can worsen over time, immediate treatment is vital, especially if you have type 2 diabetes. The testing for your condition can be as simple as looking at the color of your nails. However, your doctor may require a sample of your nail clippings to check the fungus inside them.

Preventing fungal nail infections

The best way to prevent fungal nail infections is to extend your hygiene routine. Keeping your hands and feet clean and dry will avoid attracting any moisture for fungi to thrive. Additionally, keeping your nails trimmed will prevent them from going inside your cuticles. Remember to cut your toenails straight across when you do this.

Besides caring for your feet, you should also be cautious of your socks and footwear. When going into locker rooms or pool decks, make sure that you’re wearing slippers or sneakers to avoid contact from the ground. Don’t forget to change your socks and shoes after you get sweaty feet. If you’re prone to sweating, keep an extra pair of socks and sneakers to swap them out during the day while you’re outside.


You shouldn’t underestimate the damage that a foot condition can do compared to a heart ailment. Create a blend of a healthy lifestyle and preventative medical solutions to help you maintain and care for your body. 

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