ClearZal® Nail & Foot Kit – ClearZal® BAC Antimicrobial Nail Solution w/ClearZal® Foot Sanitiser


Dual pack Healthy Nail and Foot Solution for for nail and feet infections caused by fungus and bacteria by ClearZal.

ClearZal Nail & Foot Kit provides a complete solution for managing nail infections AND to kill the germs on feet and shoes that spread infection. The Complete Kit includes the Antimicrobial Nail Solution, Foot Sanitizer and the Premium Nail File, described here:

BAC Antimicrobial Nail Solution –
• Kills 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause nail infections
• Contains Aloe Vera to condition and soften the nail
• Does not contain any lacquers, harsh acids,oils or alcohol. • Fragrance Free • Paraben Free

Antimicrobial Foot Sanitizer –
• Kills the fungus and bacteria which may cause foot infections, including Athlete’s Foot
• Contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic
• Control’s foot odour with repeated use
• Eliminates germs on feet and in shoes
• Can be used on feet, socks and shoes
• Paraben Free

Premium Glass Nail File –
• Use to remove damaged nail plate
• Specifically designed for frail nails
• Helps to prevent nail chipping or splitting.
Seek medical advice if:
• You are diabetic
• Have a circulatory disorder
• Have Cardiovascular disease
*Do not use if you’re pregnant or breast feeding

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ClearZal Nail & Foot Kit – consists of three products, the antimicrobial nail solution, a foot sanitizer, with a complimentary premium nail file to complete the pack. Whilst the solution is designed to kill ALL fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause nail infections, the ClearZal Foot Sanitiser when sprayed on the feet and in the shoe will prevent the spread of infection to the rest of the feet and nails which could potentially cause athletes foot.

New approach for Healthy Nails and Feet. ClearZal®  has combined ClearZal®  Antimicrobial Nail Solution with ClearZal®  Foot Sanitiser for a combined therapy for Healthy Nails. Apply the Nail Solution to the nails and sanitize the Foot And Shoe to reduce the potential of cross contamination.

ClearZal®  BAC is a topical solution for infected areas with the healing and conditioning of Aloe, working on the entire infection of the nail that is combined with the ClearZal®  Foot Sanitiser to create a One, Two bunch for Healthy Nails. Other products only treat the fungus. ClearZal®  BAC has the strength and safety of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, killing more microbes than an antifungal alone.

Studies show that by first debriding/filing the free edge of the target nail with the nail file provided and using ClearZal® BAC twice daily morning and night, will achieve optimal results.

Can be used with nail polish / varnish, artificial nails and nail extensions

More effective than an antifungal product alone as 50% of all nail infections are caused by bacteria.  The secret is the broad spectrum active with a surfactant delivery system to reach the site of infection.

More effective than an antifungal product alone as 50% of all nail infections are caused by bacteria.


Nail Solution: File the free edge and top of the nail. Clean the nail and surrounding skin and dry thoroughly. Apply the solution under the free edge of the nail and surrounding skin. Allow to dry or massage into the skin. Use twice daily around the entire nail and under the free edge. Remember to apply before you put on your shoes and socks and when you take them off. Foot Sanitiser: Spray each foot on the top, bottom and between toes once daily. Spray inside shoes prior to putting them on and after removing. Sprayer works upside down for easy use.